It’s been a while since my head had its fuses burned
I imagine I’m a super hero because I’m invisible
With an enormous heart, too sensible
I can think of a thousand jobs where my talent is useless

It’s impossible to be as cool as a zorrón papurri
I would ask them ¿Qué te pasa? As Yuri used to sing
Maybe they can only understand singers using autotune
Or maybe they don’t think,

I should make them take the Turing test

Maybe I will be censored, as the Calígula movie
Maybe I should question life and find it ridiculous
If your wallet is a compound, mine is a particle
Your life is amazing, it even looks like a feature film

Meanwhile my life is just a pilot episode
I’m ñoño and roto, picante as a rocoto
Since it is evident that I’m not going to win the Loto
I do not have time to get that lifting in my scrotum

I would like to be trustworthy, as if I were Danny Glover
Or steer the ship, as Marmaduque Grove
My zero-members fan club expects me to always innovate
This weekend, I’m going to be a latin lover

Because I love dead tongues, yours is lacking life
The entrance is through this door but it takes you to the exit
As Pavlov’s dog, if I think about you I salivate
Let’s listen to that band of suicidal tendencies
Chill, it was a joke, I know you dislike them
I’m using a rich seasoning for this bitter load

The waiting is long, the goodbye is short
Where is the past? Well, is in your ass

Sorry for the filth, I do not have the expertise
Probably I’m missing an enzyme that synthesizes
Tears are slipping
I look like the tower of Pisa:

and full of nooks and crannies

Everything resonates with its echo and follows this rhythm
With a touch of mysticism as in a painting by El Greco
But it is not easy at all to fall down and then uprising
because I know I’ll never be someone like Mr Darcy